Energy bills can become a major budget burner. On average, heating and cooling costs account for nearly half of a typical household’s monthly bill. At Affordable Comfort, we understand how important it is for our customers to maintain a comfortable home environment while keeping monthly energy costs as low as possible.
As experts in heating and cooling, our HVAC team is here to offer effective, dependable, energy-saving tips that will help you conserve energy without sacrificing comfort.

  • Zoning
  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Tune-Up Maintenance
  • Regularly Change Air Filters
  • New Energy Star qualified HVAC system Install


Installing a zone-controlled system in your residential or commercial property helps keep temperatures at a comfortable level on a room to room basis. Essentially, zoning is dividing your home or business into areas or zones with common heating or cooling requirements. Each zone is then controlled by its own thermostat. Only the zones needing heating or cooling will get it, while the zones which are already comfortable do not. This helps to eliminate any hot or cold pockets your space may have.

A zone controlled system will work with any forced air heating and cooling system to improve the comfort level throughout your home or business. It also helps to increase the energy efficiency of your HVAC system and provides convenient, programmable thermostats in each room or zone.


Your thermostat doesn’t have to be running at full blast while you’re away. Programmable thermostats are ideal for people who are consistently away from home for long periods at a time during the week. You can preset the heat or air conditioning to work more when you are home and less while you are away or asleep. When used properly the pre-programmed feature can help save on energy costs anywhere between 5% and 15% each year.


Preventative maintenance and tune-ups are the best ways to lengthen the life of your HVAC system and keep it running at peak performance and maximum efficiency. Just like going to the dentist every six months is essential for maintaining your oral health, the same is true for your HVAC systems. The fact is, even a new Energy Star qualified HVAC system will decline in performance without regular maintenance. Affordable Comfort provides regular maintenance services and tune-ups before each cooling and heating season (and anytime you need us in-between). With a minimal cost for yearly maintenance, we will make sure your system is running smoothly so it lasts you longer and helps you conserve energy.


Check your HVAC filters monthly during peak cooling and heating seasons. A dirty filter slows down air flow and makes your HVAC system work harder. New filters cost only a few dollars, whereas dirty filters will cost you more in the long run because they overwork the system resulting in lower indoor air quality. Clean filters prevent dust and dirt from infiltrating the system. When dust gets in it can lead to expensive maintenance or early system decline.


Is your system over 10 years old? Is it failing to keep your home or office comfortable? Call Affordable Comfort to come and evaluate your system. It might be time to replace it for something more efficient, and something that also helps conserve more energy. Installing a more efficient system will undoubtedly reduce your annual energy bill. Our factory-trained technicians are expert installers who will make sure you get the best performance possible out of your new equipment.

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