When to Call Affordable Comfort

With the proper HVAC services, your heating and air conditioning can last for years without costing you a fortune in energy bills. Your air quality could even improve! Our HVAC team lives up to our name, working to provide you with affordable comfort for your Claremont home or business.
Wondering when you should get an HVAC checkup? Affordable Comfort is here to help! See when you should contact our heating and air conditioning specialists, and as always, feel free to call us for a free quote.

At Least Once a Year

Just like you need to get your teeth cleaned twice a year and visit your physician for an annual checkup, your HVAC needs the same treatment. The best way to stop major problems from happening is to have a preventative checkup to make sure everything is functioning as normal.
At least once a year, you should call Affordable Comfort to perform a routine check on all your HVAC systems. We’ll run through your heating, air conditioning, check your thermostat, and can offer duct cleaning as well, to ensure that everything will run smoothly throughout the year.

When You Notice a Problem

Of course, if your HVAC systems have broken down entirely, it’s a good time to call Affordable Comfort. But sometimes the issue can be more subtle, and still require attention.
Has your energy bill spiked, or does it feel as though your home just won’t stay at the temperature you’d like it to? Have you noticed strange sounds coming from your heating or air conditioning? If this is the case, contact our HVAC crew to get your heating and air under control.

For Improved Air Quality

Allergens, dust, and pet dander all affect our air quality, and can negatively impact our health. Especially for people who are more sensitive, getting an air quality check or air duct cleaning can be highly beneficial. If you’ve noticed yourself or a family member with cold-like symptoms or feeling as though their allergies are acting up, it could be in your best interest to have our team come and take a look.

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